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Okay guys, so I made myself a Patreon page. I made it for the sheer point of writing stories. It will be a mix of original, and fan fic style, including creepypasta. I hope that everyone will at least check it out every so often. All Chapter One chapters are free, but if you find a story you find interesting, I suggest becoming a patron, so that you guys can keep up with what new chapters get posted, as well as being able to read more of that story/those stories.

Please do check it out~!

Also, please, if you could, spread this link around to others. The page had to be marked as 18+ just in case so that I could properly write without being censored, but unfortunately, due to site rules, it keeps my page from being searchable in the search engine.

That said... you might wanna bookmark the page if you decide to become a patron, or at least make sure its set up to let you know if anything new is posted so you can find it again... then again I suppose you could always come here but... -ahem- Still.

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Okay so... this story isn't what you're gonna expect... in fact, the only reason it may come off as creepy is because I may sound a little crazy saying all this stuff. Maybe you'll call me delusional... maybe you'll say its a fluke, or a coincidence, or however else you wanna brush it off, but its true.

This isn't just some wonky game coding, and no... outside the abnormal behavior from what I understand they are supposed to do, theres not gonna be some weird shit, like random texts from the game telling me things or anything like that.

Let me start by saying... I didn't even wanna play this game in the beginning. In fact... I was damn, adamant NOT to play it, because at first glance, it looked like something a five year old would play, not an adult.

The aspect of Minecraft just seemed so childish and nonsensical to me at first, but in the final efforts of my friend finally getting me to play, it wasn't so bad. I got a bit sick during the first plays through though, I'll admit...

The visuals were making me feel queezy, and I couldn't really handle much of it at first.

In time though, I got used to the game, and was totally absorbed in the aspect of creating, and building... although... I hate to admit but... I was far from brave.

I found myself creating tunnels under the ground from my house, to anywhere I deemed important, and then blocking areas off to only leave a one block, or one block high, two block long hold to peer out from.

I would make multiple safe houses at different points, as well as storing areas, and places for animals I wanted to collect, all collected to my tunnels. Thus, my nickname I earned... Riku The Mole.

The tunnels were my main source of travel since I had no form of semblance of how to properly fight without getting myself killed yet, and would panic before I could pull anything off worth mentioning.

There were times I would attempt to be brave, and go outside the safety, only to get outnumbered, and dig myself into a wall, while I called for help from my friend to come save me.

..Um... yeah... not really my proudest moments...

Anyway, this was before the current updates. If its any indication of how long ago... the first time playing, my friend had the Chocobocraft Mod installed on the server.

Anyway, I built up my home into like a mini castle fortress, with an massive wall that surrounded the entire property that was connected to my home.

I even added things at the top to keep out spiders, after a... well... a little tip from my friend, when he informed me of the fact they could climb. Then I littered the area with a massive amount of torches to keep any monsters from spawning.

I thought I was safe...

I was right for a good time. But I was caught of guard..

I was patrolling the top of my wall, seeking to destroy anything on the outside walls. This was before I knew there was more monsters than just Zombies, Skellies, and Spiders... I honestly thought they were all that were a threat.

I suppose its true in its own right back then, since they were the only ones that actively would try and attack you on their own but... as I was heading around, I noticed something off to the side as I turned.

Now... I should first say, as a side note, I was really big into listening to a lot of Creepypasta about Slenderman around this time. I used to listen to a lot read on YouTube by people like MrCreepyPasta, and... I think CreepsMcPasta too.

I was practically obsessed back then with the stories, and would go out of my way to find more until the aspect of paranoia had a bit of a grasp on me for awhile.

Again... not something I'm overly proud of...

Still, its safe to say, that as I turned my head to look over, seeing this tall, dark figure slowly turn and look at me, giving a bit of what I'd now call more of a 'coo', I panicked.

I gave a loud cry of panic, screamed "Oh my god! Slender!!", and bolted as fast as I could into my house. Which... thankfully had pressure plates behind the door so I didn't need to waste time closing them.

I informed my friend about what happened, still panicking, and he expressed how amused he was at my fear by typing back a 'Lol' before explaining what that thing was.

"You didn't look it in the eyes did you?"

"I don't know! I think I did!"

"Just stay in an area thats under three blocks high."

I was far from going anywhere, anytime soon...

It was... well... it should go without saying that I was beyond terrified at the time...

I stayed in there till he eventually came and got me, telling me he didn't see anything.

It was odd though... I didn't see another one that entire time we played, and despite the fact he told me they travel in pairs, I didn't see a second one when I encountered that one.

One day, something happened, and for some reason the data got corrupted for the server. He had to start it over, though it was a more slightly updated one.

He still had the Chocobo mod, so I'm sure it was obvious that it wans't that massive an update, but still... in time I found another of the Enders.

They were in pairs this time, but they were just prowling around. I was still timid around that time, and did my best to avoid getting too close... at least... until yet couple more corrupted resets later...

I was still rather uneased by them at the time, until I began to notice small little things begin to happen. This was my first time seeing this, so I had no idea this was possible back then.

I started seeing random dirt blocks around my lawn, which... for anyone that knows me, knows I love to level out my turf, so random dirt blocks just sticking up won't just be found sitting around.

I told my friend about the matter, and he explained it was likely a couple Endermen placing random dirt blocks on my yard.

I also began to notice random dirt block squares would get removed from the yard too which... I would use the other dirt to fill back again.

My friend explained that they can lift almost any block, except for a few things, as I expressed distress at the idea of it just taking off with one of my chests.

He had a good laugh, yet again... at my expense... but explained, "Don't worry, they can't pick up or open chests, so they can't just take your stuff."

Well that was a bit more easier on me to deal with... but they had gone from something I feared to obnoxious.

Still... that changed the day I found a random red poppy sitting in front of the door of my house. "There a red flower in front of my house suddenly... I know I didn't put it there..."

"Oh, and Enderman probably put it there."

"What? I thought you said they only move blocks. Thats a flower."

"Yeah, they can move them too."

"But I don't see any gone from my garden..."

Around this time, I had begun trying to make a garden I thought would add some color to the area, and had traveled all over to gather supplies, but the red ones were always so few and far between, despite in my opinion, being the prettier of the two.

"Yeah, they can take things from anywhere thats already been rendered. Meaning anywhere you've been, they can rip stuff from, and put it other places."

I knew that the places I went didn't have any other red flowers.
I would've gotten them myself...

At the time, I didn't think about the aspect that it meant that they probably got it from wherever my friend had been roaming. So truly, it was rather confusing for me.

Still... it was... cute~.

After that, I began to notice that the two Ender I saw before turned solely into one, and he'd come back regularly, bringing random dirt gifts he'd place in my home, or outside it, or flowers for the garden.

There was even a time as I recall, there was a solo block of dirt with a poppy on it in the middle of my floor.

Now this is where things start to become a bit more weird...

Sure... in the beginning, I had a couple instances of being attacked, as he'd--yes, I'm calling it a he--lash out from my glancing at him.

But I never attacked. Instead, rushing to a safe zone, and just waiting till he either chilled out, or was pacified by something.

In time, I began to take notice that no matter what happened, any server resets we had to endure... there was always an Ender around.

I began to feel almost at ease when I'd see him. Coming to expect him to be there, even if he left for awhile.

Times before, as things would change, he would always be that one subtle thing that never would. Always my reliable Ender.

He'd attack me less and less, and would just teleport around, or roam around the grounds. Sometimes one or two other Ender would appear too, but always, there would be one that would stick close by.

I began to feel like he was a dear friend, a loyal companion I could rely on to be there day after day, and I began to become defensive over him, not allowing anyone to attack any Endermen in my territory, or while around me.

The events were just too cute, and every once in awhile it would bring me something.

But the longer I played the game, and the more updates I got, I began to play on other servers, and find that things began to become weird.

It was a rarity, but it would happen...

There was times an Ender followed me around, as I looked through a world to find a place to set up a home. Eventually I decided to let him lead me, to which he found me a nice spot.

He guarded around that area after that, not often leaving the area.

There was also the time that he would follow me in the daytime, despite the fact they really should've been underground...

Or the time one paced around in the rain, screaming, while I hid off to the side, worried about being attacked by something, and waited for the rain to stop.

When it did finally stop, he suddenly teleported away... It was... I know this is gonna sound crazy, I did say in the beginning you'd assume this more than likely... but it was like, he was threatening other monsters, warning them away.

There was even the times before I'd make a home on a server, and he'd move in with me. It didn't matter if I logged out, and came back later, he was there. HE'd teleport around my house like he owned the place, and would at times teleport outside but stayed where I could still see him... roaming around in the pen with the animals.

My dear sweet Enderman... my dear friend..

By the time the dark would come, he'd teleport back inside, and prowl around the kitchen, just pacing back and fourth, or would teleport around the house, while my character slept, or waited out the night.

But these were not even the most odd of things...

Much later, I introduced the game to my mom, though it took some effort to get her to play, much like it had for my friend to get me to.

When she finally did, her had her husband get a server set up for... 'the family' as she claimed, and invited me to join.

I joined, and started working on building up my property, fixing up the land and working to improve it.

Eventually, I decided to go mining for some supplies I needed to help me better improve things, but found I had gotten myself lost.

Suddenly behind me I heard it, just as I was beginning to panic. A simple... "Oorook Rook~." The coo of chatter from a passive Enderman. I slowly turned, doing my best to not be disrespectful and look him in the eye straight on.

He was just standing there... staring at me. He didn't move.

I was... confused. I didn't move at first, just more trying to figure out what it was doing.

The Ender looked dead at me, then turned and looked up in a specific direction, then back at me again. Was he... was he really saying what I thought? No... no I was going mad, I had to be...

Still.. I was already lost, what point was there arguing with him?

I stepped forward, heading up toward him, and went toward the direction he suggested.

Suddenly, the Ender teleported, placing itself where it told me to go, then teleported again just a bit further.

Who was I to argue? 'Okay. Lets go then!' I nodded and told myself, as I had my character follow him further. Taking screen caps along the way, knowing there was no way anyone would just believe me if I simply told them this later...

This effort would continue to repeat, following every time he'd stop and coo at me, after teleporting a bit aways to lure me. Eventually leading me to the way I came in.

This time, he didn't lead anymore, once he got me to the entrance of the cave. I turned around to look at him, and spoke a verbal, "Thank you...", and put in the effort to even type it to him into the chat box. He gave one last coo, and turned, heading back into the cave.

It almost made me sad to watch him leave after that... he helped me...

It wasn't longer after that, on the same server, that when my mom came by with her husband to my turf, as we walked in, I wasn't even looking at him when I came in... all I heard was a sudden screeching sound.

I turned, and suddenly saw what was a charging Enderman lunging at me.

He was flailing his arms like he was intending to kill me, but as I backed up quickly, I noticed any strikes he did land on me only had done half a heart of damage.

As he finally knocked me backward into the water, I pulled myself out, only to notice he had since calmed down.

No... he didn't end up getting wet too, he just chilled out. It didn't even make sense as to why he wigged out anyway. The sun was out, and no one looked at him.

The two of them laughed at me, and my mom joked in a cutsy coo that he had come to greet me, and seemed happy to see me.

I can only say that I can't deny what she said, since despite everything, I should've been killed. He hit me enough times to have killed me, but the blows just had no real power behind them at all...

The more I play Minecraft, the more I feel like theres some things you just can't brush off. The sheer fact is, its gotten to where now I can even look them dead in the eye on my family's server... I don't know if this also applies to other severs as I've not tried yet but...

I do know this...

I don't know if anyone else has seen anything odd with the Endermen, but to me... they are my beloved friends, and I will forever and always look out for any they are near me. So please just remember should you ever come across me on a server... do not attack my friends...
Ender Friend
I know people likely won't believe it, but no... this isn't a made up story. It did happen.
I only put it as a Fan Fiction for the slot because I couldn't find a better place to put it. I just hope you guys can enjoy.
I'm going to be opening a commissions only account. I'll post up a link here to it after, but unless the name is taken, I'll likely be calling it TsukuyomiArts. Please do look out for it, if you want commissions. Also.. no. No free art.
So apparently there's this new website going around, for the sole purpose of stealing other people's artwork and claiming as their own? I don't think so. Anyone who sees this site ( should know that any artwork on there was most likely stolen. In fact, one of my base edits were on there as well. We need to spread the word about this site; search your own devart username to see if any of your work was taken without permission, and post this to your own watchers and friends. Help stop art-theft, aid all artists everywhere!
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